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Article: What are the Healing Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire?

What are the Healing Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire?

What are the Healing Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire?

Sapphire’s chemical comparison mainly comprises of aluminum oxide. It gets its natural white color from aluminum, but the stone’s colors can vary based on other trace elements. For example, blue sapphire contains titanium in trace amounts. Thanks to these different color variations, these precious gemstones are considered to have different types of healing benefits.

Healing Properties of Blue Sapphire

If you are in need of some form of healing – whether physical or mental, you should wear sapphire. This gem is capable of focusing its healing powers to benefit you in different ways. It is not essential for the wearer to be consciously aware of its benefits.

The Divine Connection

It is claimed that Moses was handed over the 10 Commandments on a plate made from sapphire. This gives this stone unmatched value in religious terms, when compared to any precious or semi-precious stone. It is for this reason that sapphire is also referred to as a Divine stone. It is also the reason why it can be found in the jewels adorned by priests, kings and the royalty. It is worth considering why even the British crown is full of large and blue sapphires. The stone is a symbol of purity and wisdom!

Color Energies of Sapphire

Different colors in sapphire stand for different forms of energy. Blue sapphire, for example, represents the power of the sky. It is associated with the time of the year when the skies become clearer during spring. It is time associated with the start of both emotions and life, and blue sapphire is claimed to reflect these energies. Blue sapphire is also believed to bring the positive energies of faith, trust, respect and patience in your life. Wearing it can help you bring major changes in your life including improved responsibility, becoming more trustworthy, and inculcating more sincerity.

Physical Benefits of Sapphire

Besides its spiritual and emotional benefits, blue sapphire also offers many physical healing benefits. It helps in healing different body parts while also improving insomnia. When worn for long, it is expected to help in curing infections of the eye and in improving eyesight. Other healing benefits of this gemstone include reliving headaches, nosebleeds, fever and problems of the ear. You can wear blue sapphire in your Engagement rings, necklaces or other jewelry pieces. They can also help in healing inflamed glands, thyroids, and in the treatment of other problems of speech.

Indigo Sapphire

Wearing indigo sapphire can also help benefit you in many ways. It combines the power of violet rays with that of blue rays. Violet rays are known to represent intuition, while the blue rays stand for trust. Indigo sapphires also present wisdom and perfection in spiritual life. It is also considered to be a stone of longevity and positive judgment. Wear dark indigo sapphires to inculcate positive energies of honesty and spiritual achievements. Lighter indigo gems will help you connect better with the natural and social world around you. Sapphire is a gemstone that represents spiritual power and helps with prosperity. It will help you in focusing on and in achieving your life goals. Wear it in your necklace, rings, pendant or any other jewelry pieces. Among these benefits, blue sapphires are known for their exceptional beauty that is difficult for anyone to ignore.