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Article: How Custom Design Has Changed The Calgary Jewellery Industry

How Custom Design Has Changed The Calgary Jewellery Industry

As the saying goes, diamonds remain a piece of art treasured forever by your special someone. They're beautifully crafted, and now you can even choose custom engagement rings, which are said to be timeless. With technological advancements in Calgary custom jewellery, we have seen a shift in the public's attitude toward fashion and style.

Reinventing and New Dimensions

In the beginning, Calgary jewellery designers wrote sketches down on paper, but now these works of art have often come from CAD drawings, which have changed the 3D rendering world. 3D printing has also been used in the process, and this has created samples and created model rings. Across the industry, custom jewellery has sent shockwaves because of the 3D printing industry now gets used with regular jewellery too.

Technology Makes the Internet a Viable Option

In the past, buying from Calgary jewellery stores almost always meant a local process because you couldn't trust the quality from buying online. You could communicate with jewellers better, and you could view the sample and design choices that you liked the most. Today, you can even get Calgary custom jewellery online. You might even have a face-to-face video call so that the jeweller can better understand your needs.

Plenty More Options

As the rise of artsy sites like Pinterest has taken off, custom jewellery has taken off in popularity. The demand has been for a wider selection of choices, and many of the demands are inspired by world fashion and exotic jewellery. Custom jewellery has fulfilled this demand, and they have increased the diversity of ideas, which has helped the jewellery industry as a whole.

These are all benefits that have been great for diamond rings and the industry as a whole. Custom design has become a popular choice among customers because it lets them personalize their jewellery a little bit more. Along with that, technology has helped to speed things up.

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