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Article: How to care, clean and store the most prized possession of a woman-Diamonds?

How to care, clean and store the most prized possession of a woman-Diamonds?

Diamond jewellery is special for women and is treasured for lifetime. It is a natural stone and the durability comes naturally. However, when diamonds are ensemble in jewellery like rings, earrings, necklaces and so on it is prone to get chipped, smudged and scratched. Such incidents may rip off the sparkle and brilliance. Many women flaunt their pricey possession and use them every day. Diamonds at time bear the brunt of soaps, lotions, oils, cosmetics and many more. These may form a smudgy layer on the top of the stone creating a dull look. Maintaining this precious stone does not require any cumber some procedure nor does it require investment in any big devices. A simple maintenance routine is all that is needed to get back the radiance of the stone without much effort and time.

Care your diamonds

Diamonds is always the best friend of a woman. Be it on engagement rings or earrings, women just look awesome when the stone gives out a sparkle on their faces. To maintain this natural shine, it is essential to take special care of your jewellery piece. Protect the stone from blows and direct sunlight for long duration. If you are handling any kind of chemical cleaning substance make sure that you have the gloves on. Certain chemical may leave blemishes on the stone which again strips off the sparkle. Working women overwhelming make use of the designer diamonds that is light, stylish and easy to wear. Such pieces have intricate designs and chances of dirt getting accumulated are higher. After the day long work, never ignore the cleaning of your diamonds. It is ideal to remove your jewellery and wipe it with a wet cloth. Gardening may interest you but do not forget to remove the diamond rings before you plunge into mud and water. You can also opt for the gloves which can protect the diamonds. Chlorine is major foe for your diamonds so avoid lengthy dips in swimming pools.

Keep your diamonds clean

Cleaning must be done regularly which will keep up the properties of the stone in good condition. Diamond loses its light refraction property when dirt is smudged on it. Lack of light refraction will mean that your stone will no longer give out a brilliant radiance. The following are simple yet effective cleaning tips for your most cherished piece of diamond jewellery:

1. Soapy solution
Take a soft bristles brush and a very mild detergent, preferably liquid soap. Make a diluted solution by mixing water and liquid soap or detergent. Dip the jewellery in this solution and leave for few minutes. Make use of the brush to remove any of the tough dirt and foreign particles. Finally, rinse using mild warm water and pat it dry using soft cloth.

2. Ammonia solution
Another interesting yet most popularly used cleaning method is the household ammonia solution. Mix ammonia with water in the proportion of 1:6 and let your precious stone lie in this solution for 15 minutes. Take out and brush gently using a very soft brush. Rinse with cold water and use a tissue to absorb excess water.

3. Jewellery cleaner
Another viable option is to get jewellery cleaner from the store where you bought the diamond piece. If you are buying from any other store make sure that you go through the instructions. Pick only suchcleaner which can be used for diamond stones.

Invest in Jewellery box

People often neglect the proper storage of the diamond. It is advisable to keep them in jewellery boxes preferably in fabric lined ones. You get different varieties of boxes for storing your precious jewellery.