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Article: Multi-Gemstone Rings Gift Ideas this Holiday Season

Multi-Gemstone Rings Gift Ideas this Holiday Season

A gold ring studded with multiple gemstones could be the perfect, unique gift you could be giving away this holiday season. There are many reasons why multi-gemstone rings are growing in popularity more recently.

Multi-Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings can be made from precious or semi-precious stones and add a level of sophistication to your personality. Similarly, you can have the ring made in all types of precious metals including yellow, rose or white gold, sterling silver, platinum or titanium. You can choose any metal or gemstone combinations based on your budget and how special you want to make the holiday gift.

Diamond Rings

Diamonds have always been cherished for their everlasting aura. They are also dubbed as the best friend a girl can have. A diamond ring gift this pre-Christmas season can be the perfect symbol of love, simplicity, trust and belief in the woman you love the most. Rings have long been seen to be the symbols of love and marriage. Since the last few years, there has been a growing trend to gift versatile multi-gemstone rings to all family members. Diamond rings calgary are perfect gifts for your spouse, girlfriend, sister, mother or daughter, which she can wear casually or to her work. The best thing about diamonds is that they can be worn with all kinds of outfits.

Multi-Gemstone Rings

If you want to create a more enchanting effect, multi-cluster gemstone rings can be the perfect gift. You can have multiple-colored gems in the ring including ruby, citrine, amethyst, and garnet, creating a rich and beautiful effect. This effect can be created with different metals including yellow, rose or white gold, or sterling silver.

Ruby Studded Rings

Rubies can look great in rings, individually and in combination with other gemstones. The red stone is a symbol of power and stands out for its dark hues and vibrant color. The best rubies originate in India, Burma and neighboring countries, but they can also be cultivated in other parts of the world. The colors can range from bright red to almost orange to the darkest shades that could fringe on purple. Ruby studded rings can blend perfectly with dresses of opposite hues. They can also match well with darker textures like velvet, raw silk and corduroy.

Sterling Silver Rings

While multi-colored gems look great against the classic yellow of gold, they can also go well with the white of sterling silver. Silver has been used for centuries for producing jewelry. The precious metal is relatively affordable and can create the perfect contrasting effect against brightly colored gems. Sterling silver rings are designed in a wide range of designs. They can have shiny or matte finish. You can choose from rich and simple bands with high level of intricacies. Custom multi-colored gemstone rings can be designed for everyone. While sapphire and ruby are widely popular, topaz and aquamarine are increasingly becoming popular for jewelry items given away as seasonal gifts. Blue topaz and aquamarine are especially cherished for their calm aura and character. Because gemstones are relatively cheaper than diamonds, they make more affordable rings for this holiday season. There are many other gemstones that make great options for holiday-gift rings. Some of the best examples include turquoise rings, sunstone rings, quartz rings, opal and pearl rings. You can choose the perfect jewelry gift this Christmas season based on the birthstone of the receiver. You may also determine the color combinations based on what the recipient likes. All these gemstones make it more affordable and easier to create the perfect custom rings that can sit ideally within your budget.