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Article: How to Make the right Choice Between Gold and Platinum Ring?

How to Make the right Choice Between Gold and Platinum Ring?

How to Make the right Choice Between Gold and Platinum Ring?

When it comes to wedding or engagement rings, gold and platinum are the easiest options. The two metals have many similarities yet they are different in many ways. What are the characteristics that make them unique? What should you know before you buy a ring? The following guide will provide you some valuable info in this regard.


Although gold can be available in white and rose as an alloy, yellow is its natural color. On the other hand platinum is white. So the choice of the precious metal for your ring will depend on the factor whether you need a yellow or a white ring. White gold is also a good alternative to platinum. It is typically made up of gold and other alloys, along with coating of rhodium. It is this special coating that gives white gold its resemblance to platinum. You may think that platinum and white gold look almost similar. But bear in mind that white gold could lose its rhodium coating after a few years, and will start showing its light yellowing tone. It will have to be maintained to retain its original color. On the other hand, platinum is naturally white and retains its color without any need for periodic maintenance.

Durability & Strength

Almost everyone knows platinum for its exceptional strength and durability. Although this doesn’t mean that gold isn't strong, it cannot however match the white metal in terms of toughness. Among other benefits, this advantage with platinum translates into more secure setting for your diamonds and other gemstones. You will not have to worry about the prongs that hold the stones in their place. The unique thing about gold is that as its caratage increases, its durability decreases. That is why 14K gold jewellery is more wear resistant compared to platinum. Interestingly, platinum, when scratched develops patina finish. This can in fact have a unique appeal among many users.


Platinum is a denser metal, which means platinum jewellery will feel heavier. So the choice of the right metal will vary between users. If you want to wear a light ring, you will easily choose a gold ring. But many people find the heaviness of the white metal to give them a special feel. Platinum is also known for its hypoallergenic properties. It doesn’t cause any allergies, especially with sensitive skin.


Most people think that platinum is a costlier metal than gold. The fact is that both cost almost the same, but because of the higher density of platinum, more of it is required for making a ring the same size as a gold ring. At the same time gold rings comprise of significant percentage of other alloys, while platinum rings are 95% or higher in purity. This means that the same sized ring is going to cost significantly higher if it is in platinum rather than in 14K or 18K gold. So if you are going to get a new ring, make sure to keep the above-mentioned points in mind.