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Article: What are the Qualities that Make Platinum so Special?

What are the Qualities that Make Platinum so Special?

What are the Qualities that Make Platinum so Special?

Among all other benefits including elegance and shine, platinum is considered a timeless choice of precious metal for almost any type of jewellery. The longevity of this meal makes it the perfect choice for engagement or wedding rings or bands. Put it in the same class as diamonds. It will not fade or change color, and it will always be there as a symbol of your color. There are many qualities that make platinum the perfect precious metal.


Can you wear your gold engagement ring all the time – even when you need to wash something or take a shower? Gold cannot withstand everyday wear like platinum. That is why platinum is claimed to be the precious metal for lifetime. It is the high density of this metal that makes it so durable and highly resistant to wear. Gold will always loose tiny amount of metal every time there’s a scratch. But in the case of platinum, the metal will only get displaced from one place to another, if at all. Gold will have to be maintained well if it is to last long. This advantage of platinum also makes it a safer metal when it comes to keeping your precious gemstones safer. Gold and other precious metals are more malleable and can give way against any form of physical damage.

Natural White

Platinum has a naturally white color that will remain there without ever changing. White is not the natural color of gold. White gold is white because of other alloys and the rhodium coating. It will however have to be re coated every year. If it is not, white gold will start losing its plating and show the yellow metal. Platinum is considered to be the metal of choice for diamond because of its durability and “true” form. Besides, there is a technical reason as well. The white color of the precious metal doesn’t reflect any color into the stone. This helps in getting the best out of your diamond jewellery.


Jewellery made from other metals will usually have lower percentage of the precious metal. For example, in the case of gold, 14K and 18K gold will have only 58% and 75% pure gold, respectively. Platinum jewellery is however made from 95% to 98% pure platinum. It contains only 5% to 2% non-precious metals. This enhances the overall value of the jewellery. Besides, there is another advantage to this property. Platinum is naturally hypoallergenic. The presence of lesser amount of other metals (compared to gold), makes it even safer. So if you are going to get a ring or band for someone with sensitive skin, it is recommended to choose platinum. Platinum develops patina with time, which further enhances the jewellery’s looks. Although you can get the ring polished to return it to its original looks, you may also opt to keep the ring the same way without any polishing, thus giving it a more antique-like look. Thus, there are many qualities to platinum that make it so special as a precious metal.