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Article: How to Take Care of Heirloom Jewelry to Make it Last

How to Take Care of Heirloom Jewelry to Make it Last

There are few things more cherished than jewelry that’s been passed down through generations to be worn as a legacy that honours the past. Wedding rings, brooches, necklaces—no matter what the keepsake, they are admired and adored heirlooms that one will wear until it is their time to pass it along to someone else. To keep your heirlooms safe and free of blemishes or an unfortunate accident, follow these steps:

#1: Remove Your Rings Before Exercise or Strenuous Activity

It’s easy for us to forget we’re wearing a great-great-great grandmother’s wedding ring when we wear it every day, but it’s important to keep your rings far away from heavy weights or sweaty hands. Many heirloom rings are made of fine gold, which is quite malleable and soft. The salt from your sweat is also enough to corrode the alloys in your jewelry and turn it black. Keeping your precious heirlooms in a dry place will prevent them from tarnishing.

#2: Avoid Corrosive or Harsh Chemicals

Your great aunt’s pearl bracelet may have lasted for half a century, but there is a limit to its durability. There are many household chemicals that we use every day without considering how harmful they are to our jewelry. To avoid metal abrasion, apply your makeup before wearing your jewelry and spray perfume away from your necklace. For housecleaning, remove your jewelry altogether.

#3: Have Your Rings Fitted

You may have inherited your grandmother’s ring but that doesn’t mean you inherited her size. Having your ring properly fitted will not only prevent the nightmarish possibility of it slipping off without your knowledge, but it will also make sure that the gems don’t twist to the inside of your palm, which may cause some injury to your hand—not to mention the ring—if it hits something. The ring is yours now. It’s time to wear it with pride!

Not all antique jewelry can be resized. Contact your jeweler to find out more.

#4: Have Your Jewelry Cleaned Professionally

Jewelry is meant to be worn—which means that, like all jewelry, it should be cleaned from time to time. But whereas you might be comfortable cleaning your new jewelry at home, antiques should be taken to a professional jewelry cleaner who has the tools and the experience to meticulously clean away the oils and dirt from any fine edges and precious gems.

#5: Keep it Somewhere Safe

You’ve been entrusted with a very special antique, one that you will hopefully pass on to the next generation. That’s why it’s important to keep your heirloom in a safe, clean place away from moisture and heat. We’re not suggesting to keep it under lock and key (thought that might not be such a bad idea); but a regular jewelry box with soft lining will do the trick.

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