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Article: The Growing Trend of Engagement Rings for Men

The Growing Trend of Engagement Rings for Men

Engagement rings have traditionally been worn by women. But there’s a new trend where even men can have them. Women are no longer as shy in proposing, and then we also have the beautiful relationship between male couples. Many men also love to look engaged and loved the same way as women do. Men’s engagement rings are increasingly becoming popular. More men now think that the traditional rings should no longer be reserved for just one gender. After all, getting engaged is a big thing in life and everyone should celebrate it.

Design Considerations

There are some fundamental differences between the design of men’s and women’s engagement rings. It is well understood that a man’s ring doesn’t have to be as fancy though. Typically, the primary stone in men’s engagement rings are not as large. The best way to describe the current trend in these rings is that they are ‘subtle.’ But diamonds continue to be the most sought after stone, even for men’s rings. But there’s no guarantee as to what color of diamonds they can be. So don't be surprised to come across black diamonds, as they are gaining more and more popularity.


There are different types of metal finishes to choose from for a man’s engagement rings. But the polished metal is not the No.1 choice. It is still the top choice for women’s rings. There is a significant amount of craze for the hammered or brushed finish. Many also prefer embossed features, cut-out metalwork and engravings. The best thing about this trend is that it has introduced fresh, more creative and thrilling elements in design in the jewelry industry.


‘Durability’ is one word that generally defines men’s engagement ring. More men prefer rings made in indestructible metals, such as titanium and tungsten carbide. What makes these metals unique is that they may be long-lasting, they are not meant to be cut or resized. But that is probably not on top of your mind with your engagement ring. Besides, there’s the practical benefit to them. You can wear them to work every day and will never have to worry about getting them damaged. Even with these peculiar differences, there are some trends which are common. Although more durable metals are more popular, many prefer men’s engagement rings with mixed metals. Many even like to have colored metals as one of the mixed metals. There will usually be a thick band in a single metal, which is mixed with one or even more thinner bands that contrast the main metal. These combinations are seen as the counterparts to the colored gemstones for women’s rings.

Elaborate Designs

Most of the men’s engagement rings are known for their subtleness and simplicity, but that is no reason for you not to choose an elaborate design. Many are trying to be as creative as they can be. These fancier designs typically feature the large center gemstone, which can sometimes be dual-toned. In some cases, there may be multiple stones. The diamond band is another fancier alternative. In this case the diamonds are set on the top of the band or they could cover the entire band. But it’s not something many men would be able to wear. You will have to consider what you could wear to work every day. Men’s diamond bands usually have the stones which are preferred to not to be elevated. This reduces the risks of any damages. As men start to wear and flaunt their engagement rings, the trend has given rise to new styles and has inspired innovation like never seen before. If you are planning something, keep these points in mind to make the right choice.