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Article: Know about the significance and types of diamond engagement rings

Know about the significance and types of diamond engagement rings

Diamonds can be an excellent investment that holds its value for a lifetime. From time immemorial diamonds have been regarded as a symbol of love and romance. Several fairy tales portray a prince asking the princess for marriage knelt down with a beautiful solitaire diamond ring in his hand. The tradition of gifting diamond rings to the special one dates way back in the 16th century.

Significance of diamond engagement ring

Engagement ceremony is incomplete without the exchange of the Diamond studded rings. They were to be worn on the third finger of the left hand where the veins touch the heart. This significancehas passed down for several years and still couples pick their unique piece of diamond rings for their engagement to cherish an everlasting love blooming between them. A woman’s best friend, diamonds strikes a special chord in their hearts when it is gifted by the person they love the most. Recently, the designing of rings for engagement has witnessed revolutionary changes and the outcome is amazing. Plethora of choices is thrown before the woman who wishes to pick a diamond ring.

Factors that decide the quality of diamonds

Purchasing the perfect diamond can be a herculean task. With so many players in the market and so many varieties of diamond flooded in the market, picking the right one needs meticulous analysis. A simple guide for a layman in diamond selection is four Cs namely:

Cut: Cut is what differentiates one diamond from the other. A beautifully cut diamond will give out natural radiance as there will be perfect light refraction.

Colour: The white colour signifies the purity of the diamond but can be expensive too.

Clarity: Diamond comes with natural blemishes and flaws. But stones with lesser flaws will have better sparkle and are most demanded.

Carat: The weight of the diamonds is measured in terms of carat. However, it does not mean that heavier diamond will have better quality. There are even small diamonds with good cut and clarity that may be very expensive. A sneak peek into the latest trends in engagement rings reveals the flourishing status of the diamond market.

Round cut: Round cut diamonds personifies the symbol of unconditional and unending love between the couple as the round shape doesn’t have an end in itself. These are the most sought after design among the youth.

Princess cut: Another outstanding model is the princess cut that is the perfect combination of class and style. Celebrities sport this type of cut that comes in square or even rectangle shapes to strike a stylish statement.

Three stone: This design symbolises the various stages of love as past, present and future. Couples believe that wearing the three stone diamond rings portrays that their love will remain the same today, tomorrow and forever.

Vintage look: As the name signifies, these come with an authentic antique look. Rose cut diamonds is one such type that has recently taken the diamond market by storm. A forgotten cut in diamonds they are now very popular for those who love to flaunt a bygone era style.

Designer rings: Exclusively designed to fit the engagement outfits, these designer diamond rings are picking market for their uniqueness and brilliance. They are pricey possession but worth the money spent for they have intricately carved out design depending upon an individual’s personality.

Colourful designs: Floral designs with intricate petals and vines are latest fashion trends. Colourful diamonds are yet another entry into diamond market. Colour like yellow, pink and chocolate brown are most preferred as it stands out from the usual white shades.