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Article: What Makes Sapphire So Special as a Precious Stone?

What Makes Sapphire So Special as a Precious Stone?

Emerald is known and cherished for its deep green colors; diamond for its pure white delight of ‘starlight’; and sapphire for its deepest blues! This is despite the fact that all these stones are available in other colors and tones too! The blue sapphire has a mysterious appeal to it. It has always inspired and captivated the human race with its mystifying fascination.

Powers of the Stone

People in powerful positions – from kings to politicians to military generals have worn sapphire jewelry since ancient times. It is believed to instill you with strength, wisdom and honor. Blue sapphire is also believed to have natural healing properties. Besides, it is considered to have certain mysterious benefits of its blue color. The stone emanates deep clarity and brightness.

What makes Sapphire So Special?

The name sapphire originates from the Greek term, ‘sapphires’, which refers to ‘blue.’ It is known to have the deepest blue among all minerals found on earth. So when you wear a blue sapphire ring or necklace, you will know how unique your jewelry is. It is also the strongest blue stone you can wear. Sapphire is one amongst the 4 popular and highly sought after precious stones. The other three are ruby, emerald and diamond. But when it comes to strength, it is second only to diamond. The deep blue of sapphire comes from its trace composition of titanium. The metal compounds deposit in the stone over millions of years in the earth’s crust. White sapphires contain aluminum oxide as their main constituent. When titanium oxide mixes into a white sapphire, in the presence of the perfect pressure and temperature, it results in the formation of deep blue stones. Slight variations in other substances such as iron, can alter the colors from dark to lighter tones!

Sapphires Beyond the Blue

Sapphires are available in many other shades. Although the stone is known for its blue colors, you can also choose other options based on your requirements. They are available in colors ranging from green to indigo, from orange to pink and many other options. You can expect to spend more for a sapphire with subtle shade of violet and a few other shades.

Emotional Properties of Sapphire

Generally, sapphire is considered to have deep association with devotion and spirituality. For thousands of years people have worn it to bring happiness and peace into their lives. It is also believed to help strengthen your trust in the fructification of your destiny. Sapphire engagement rings are quite popular because of its perceived benefits. It is also considered to help induce the energy of honesty, dedication and loyalty. Some of the other benefits of this precious stone are considered to be protection against negative powers, promotion of prosperity and intellectual clarity. Sapphire is also believed to help eliminate depression and impart wisdom. Amongst its physical benefits, the precious stone is believed to help improve eyesight. Sapphire is associated with the month of September. If you are a Virgo or Taurus, it is recommended to wear it as your birthstone. Besides, it also has place in the Chinese zodiac system. It represents the Tiger and the two days of the week – Thursday and Saturday. Whether you are mesmerized by the enchanting blue of sapphire or want to wear a jewelry that brings peace and contentment in your life, this precious stone makes a great adornment in your jewelry.