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Article: When Should You Buy a Wedding Ring?

When Should You Buy a Wedding Ring?

When Should You Buy a Wedding Ring?

Preparing for a wedding can be stressful, but shopping for your wedding rings is exciting. The first thing you should determine as you begin the process of looking for the perfect ring is what kind of ring you are hoping to find. Do you and your partner want a traditional ring or do you want a piece of Calgary custom jewellery? Regardless of the type of ring that you're looking for; you can follow this guide to know when to start shopping and when is the right time to buy.

Wait to Buy Your Wedding Rings Until Months Before the Wedding

While you may decide to buy a wedding ring and engagement ring together as a set, you may also choose to wait. What if the bride changes her mind about the engagement ring, or what if she wants her wedding band to match her husband’s? Waiting to buy the rings until a few months before the wedding can help both parts of the couple make sure they are getting what the want. Both the bride and the groom should love their wedding rings.

Shop for Diamond Rings During Sales

If you want to get a good deal on your diamond ring in Calgary, you may want to shop outside of peak sales months. You might be more likely to find reasonable prices for wedding rings after Christmas or after Valentine’s Day. March and April are slower sales months, and Calgary jewellers may be more likely to hold enticing sales.

Buy a Wedding Ring When You Find the Right One

Sometimes, the right time to buy a ring is whenever the right ring presents itself. However, you may discover that the perfect ring doesn’t exist, and instead, you should consider custom jewellery. If you decide to create a custom ring, you’ll need to give yourself some additional time before the wedding, so the Calgary custom jeweller has enough time to make sure the design is what you want. Finding the right perfect wedding ring in Calgary may require extra effort, but it’s worth it for you and your sweetheart to have a beautiful and unique set. 

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