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Article: Why More Women Are Choosing Simple Engagement Rings

Why More Women Are Choosing Simple Engagement Rings

Some girls aren’t satisfied with anything less than a massive stone on her hand that yells, “I’m taken!” but there’s nothing wrong with wanting something a little more simple. In fact, simple engagement rings seem to be making a comeback. We will discuss why more and more women are opting to keep a low profile when it comes to their engagement ring.

Simple Engagement Rings are Less Expensive

It’s not very difficult to spend a fortune on an engagement ring. If you’re the kind of girl that wants to save money for the wedding and honeymoon, you may want to cut down on the size of your center stone or choose a less expensive stone option like moissanite. You can still get a gorgeous custom engagement ring, and there is plenty of room to play around with the cut of the diamond and many aspects of the stone.

Simple Engagement Rings Are About Quality

The 4 Cs of choosing a diamond are cut, clarity, colour, and carat. Opting for a smaller carat size can allow you to focus on the other three factors and choose a higher quality stone. Even the most delicate diamond rings give off a brilliant sparkle with the right clarity and cut.

Simple Engagement Rings are Less Stressful

If you’re prone to stress about every detail in your life, a small engagement ring is perfect for you! The knowledge that your ring didn’t cost a small fortune could help you sleep better at night. In addition, small engagement rings are a more practical option. Whether you use your hands for a hobby or in the workforce, a gigantic ring that sticks up an inch above your hand may not be the best option.

The Choice is Yours with a Custom Engagement Ring

At the end of the day, a custom engagement ring should reflect your unique style. The purpose of getting a custom ring is so that you can have it look the way you want. Dainty or bulky, petite or enormous, the choice is yours. Come into Marlow Design where we can create and perfect any piece of custom jewellery.

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