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Article: Winter Accessorizing: How to Wear Jewelry In The Cold

Winter Accessorizing: How to Wear Jewelry In The Cold

Winter Accessorizing: How to Wear Jewelry In The Cold

Now that winter is upon us, you may think that you have to put away your jewelry until it starts to get warmer again. However, just because it’s cold outside doesn't mean you can no longer look stylish. You can still accessorize your winter outfits with jewelry, even when you’re all bundled up in the cold. Here are a few winter accessorizing tips from the jewelry experts at Marlow Design.

Use Fashion Tape

One of the most frustrating things about wearing jewelry in the winter is having to deal with accessories that fly around in harsh winds and storms. Necklaces especially have a tendency to fly around, get caught in your scarf or hair, or even break in severe winter winds. This problem can be easily avoided by using fashion tape, a clear and easy-to-use adhesive that can purchased at most craft or fabric stores. This tape is almost invisible and sensitive on your skin, so you’ll barely even notice it. Simply place a small amount on the chain of your necklace to keep it in place all day long.

Choose Studs

Wearing dangling earrings in the winter can get complicated. Dangling earrings can get caught in your hair or clothes, which can be uncomfortable and painful. Aside from that, dangling earrings can also make it more difficult to wear a hat or scarf, leaving you more vulnerable to the wintertime cold. For these reasons, you may choose to avoid dangling earrings during the winter months. Luckily, there are many other earring options available. Try accessorizing your winter outfits with a pair of studded earrings. Diamond or pearl studs can add a touch of sophistication to any look. For an extra pop of colour, choose a vibrant gemstone such as a turquoise or sapphire stud. You don’t have to stop wearing accessories just because it’s cold outside. With these simple winter jewelry tips and tricks, you can stay stylish all season long. Browse our complete catalogue for more winter accessory ideas, and to learn more about our custom jewelry designs contact us today at Marlow Design.