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Article: Various shapes of diamond to choose for your prized possession

Various shapes of diamond to choose for your prized possession

The most precious stone, diamonds are available in different shapes. Every shape gives out a special kind of radiance and comes with an inherent lustre. When you pick the diamonds, its shape matters a lot. Shapes such as round and oval are most preferred for engagement rings while there are other designs which are used by the designers in several modern designs.

The following brings out the significance of several shapes of the diamonds:


The most commonly found and used shape of the diamond is the round shaped ones. Traditionally diamonds were cut only in such round shapes. It is believed to bring out the maximum fire and radiance of the precious stone. It comes with 58 facets and is used in most of the rings used for engagement purposes.


This shape is preferred by women who have long fingers but short hands. It comes with a symmetrical design and snugly fits into most of the design patterns.


They are very lavishly used as a solitaire for their unmatchable shine and attraction. The name for this cut comes from the smile of Francis Louis. An elongated shape with sharp ends these look stunningly beautiful on any lady’s finger.


The shape depends upon the skill of the cutter. It is a rather difficult cut that curves in the centre to give the beautiful heart shape. Selection of the perfect stone that is shaped evenly and comes with the intricate outline is important.


Also known as the step cut, the shape resembles a step like structure. The centre is broad and has flat planes. This cut looks magnificent if the clarity of the stone is good. Colour of the stone would also be given priority as a dull coloured diamond may not bring out vibrancy in such cut.


Resembling a tear drop, pear shaped cut is a blend of the oval and the marquise cuts. A simple chain with the pear shaped pendant drop will look gorgeous on any women. Thin finger and not so fat women can flaunt this type of diamond cut on rings. It is also used for earrings especially the droplets models correlates well for this cut.


This type of cut is very new and has become popular in contemporary designs. They are usually cut in rectangular and square shapes. Longer fingers can flaunt such cut in style as they can be very neatly placed in rings. The radiance for this cut tends to increase with its weight. Most commonly used density ranges between 70 and 80%.


With as many as 70 facets, this cut gives out maximum light refraction. They combine the beauty of the emerald cut with the elegance of the round cut. Radiant cut is often done in rectangle shape and at times even square is also preferred.

Cushion cut

A rather antique type of cut, these are still in vogue among the vintage collection lovers. They were introduced and popular during the 19th century and was also called as the old mine cut. Their fascinating point is the placement of large facets.

Asscher cut

Developed by the Asscher Company who specialised in diamonds during the 1920, this cut is an antique pattern. The cut has its foundation in Amsterdam and was completely forgotten cut after the great depression. But, with the resurgence of the vintage style, this cut is soon becoming popular among the young couple for engagement rings.


A triangular shaped cut, the smoothness and radiance depends on the cutter’s workmanship. Some people also prefer the same cut in rectangular shape.