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Article: Attributes of diamonds that makes it an irresistible and pricey possession

Attributes of diamonds that makes it an irresistible and pricey possession

The quest of finding the best and ideal diamonds can be very tedious. It requires a detailed understanding of the various parameters that can distinguish the good quality from the poor ones. In the midst of this, customers are often preyed with fake synthetic diamonds for the price of real natural stones.

The following article sheds light on some of the parameters that one must be aware of before investing in diamond. An ideal diamond is one that has the perfect combination of the four C’s namely Cut, clarity, Colour and Carat.

Size and carat

The size of the diamond determines the carat. In simple terms, carat is the weight measurement of the diamonds and not the quality. People intending to buy diamonds must not be under misconception that more the weight better is the quality. In case of the diamonds, carat is just a measurement unit and price does depend upon this point. When the size of the diamond is large the price also will be more.

At times you may have to shell out more money for a smaller piece of diamond that comes with better cut and clarity than a single large piece with lesser quality. It is this attribute that can leave the customer in a stiff situation and so they must make an informed decision.

Clarity and sparkle

Diamond is natural stone and comes with inherent flaws in the form of spots and inclusions. You may never come across a completely flawless diamond. However, the pricing strategies adopted by the jeweller depend upon this quality of the stone. Lesser spots and inclusion will mean higher price.

When you pick the diamond with minimal inclusion, you can expect better gleam and sparkle from it. This is because the light refraction is more in case of a clearer diamond and so the shimmer is more. However, many of the diamond buyers often overlook this aspect and get satisfied with a diamond that does not show visible inclusion.

Colour and value

The colourless diamonds are the most expensive range. However, buyers can pick the near to colourless range of diamond for a lesser price. As such these do look very radiant and beautiful unless they are placed in close proximity to the colourless ones.

The difference in the brilliance and fire between the colourless and the near to colourless can be seen when placed near. Whiter diamonds are most preferred and come with higher price tag.

Cut and radiance

A precisely cut diamond will be able to emit the maximum radiance as their refraction and reflection properties will be enhanced. That is the reason, cut is considered to be the most important element to be considered while picking the diamonds.

Diamonds are cut in different shapes such that the single facets together align and collaborate to give out a mystic expression of beauty. Despite the carat and clarity, absence of a perfect cut can offset the beauty of the diamond. The cut of the diamond greatly depend on the workmanship of the jeweller. So, it is advisable to pick your piece of exclusive diamond from reputed and renowned jeweller in this field.

Diamond shape

Besides the four C’s, you can also give a thought about the shape of the stone. Round is in vogue for its enhanced light performance. Besides, you can also pick from other trend setter like princess shape that comes with many facets giving out innocent shine. If you are looking for some low budget diamonds then you need to think of fancy shapes which fit well in most of the contemporary design.