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Article: 3 Non-Traditional Engagement Rings Ideas to Inspire

3 Non-Traditional Engagement Rings Ideas to Inspire

While sparkling diamonds set in pale metals may be the dream of some recipients of these rings, there are an equal number of brides and grooms who would rather something that’s a little off the beaten track. Whether they’re into modern design, fashion forward, or simply unconventional, a diamond solitaire may not be what you’re looking for. Rather than debate the finer nuances of whether a cushion cut or a princess cut would serve your partner better, why not step outside the box and go for something completely different.

Here are some tasteful, trending, and not-so-traditional ideas for an engagement ring that’s sure to wow your partner.

Precious Stones with Pops of Colour

If white diamonds simply won’t wow your partner, why not choose a colourful stone that’s sure to delight? Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are great alternatives to the traditional diamond solitaire, and will help your partner stand out from the crowd (just think about Princess Diana’s sapphire stunner!). Fancy diamonds--diamonds in shades of yellow, pink, green, and grey--are also fantastic ways to liven up a traditional engagement ring and make it pop on your partner’s hand.

If white diamonds are still in your dreams, but you’re looking to liven things up, try adding a bit of colour to the ring’s setting. Semi-precious stones, like amethyst and quartz, can serve as excellent accents to a traditional diamond. When set around the main stone or into the band, these colourful stones provide contrast and texture to any engagement ring. These accents don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to liven things up either: if you’re looking to add colour without the cost, consider lab grown gems which are just as visually stunning as natural stones.

Here are a few of our favourite engagement rings, designed by us to add some colour into your proposal:


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Consider Contemporary Metals

While platinum, gold, and silver will always be staple metals for bridal jewellery, contemporary metals have become popular choices for engagement ring design. One alternative that you will probably have heard about is tungsten carbide. Made of a combination of tungsten and carbide powders that are fired at a high temperature, these rings are bold, scratch resistant, and stay polished throughout its lifetime. While naturally a blackish-blue hue, tungsten carbide rings come in a variety of colours, so for those who are allergic to gold but love the look, you can get a tungsten carbide ring with a gold finish to achieve what you’re going for.

What’s more, tungsten carbide rings can be set with stones like any other engagement ring. If you’re really looking to change things up, you can also set the ring with other materials like wood and carbon fibre in order to make your engagement piece stand out from the crowd.

Not sure where to start with a tungsten carbide ring? Here are some ideas from our catalog to get your creativity going:

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Upstyle Vintage Pieces

Have you inherited an amazing piece of jewellery from one of your family members, and want to make it a part of your engagement story? One amazing trend that’s been gaining traction in jewellery design is the restyling (or upstyling) of vintage pieces. Through restyling, we use a heritage piece as the starting point and look to personalize it in a new way. We can modernize and update the gems and metals to create a contemporary piece--or design something that’s lavishly inspired and as decadent as the original, all while reusing an age old piece. It’s the perfect way to mix old and new, and by reusing an older piece, you’re also creating a sustainable engagement ring that will continue to be a part of your family’s story.

If your engagement represents a totally new chapter in your story that you’re building from scratch while incorporating parts of your family heritage or culture, custom designed rings are an excellent choice as well. A good custom ring designer will take any ideas, photographs, and elements that you want to incorporate into your engagement ring to produce something storied that’s completely new. We are always happy to consult with clients about their ideas and come up with designs together, so if this is something you’re thinking about, why not book your free consultation today?


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