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Article: Engagement Ring 101

Engagement Ring 101

“Umm, could you run me through that one more time?”

We are 30 minutes into our consultation, and my clients--a lovely couple deeply in love and ready to spend their lives together--have been keenly following along as we’ve talked about their preferences, personalities, and personal styles. They’re here to buy an engagement ring together and have done a bit of research, presenting me with a short list of requirements for the perfect ring. We’ve been talking for the last half hour about metals and gems, and while they’re excited to keep going, I can tell the stress is rising.

For many couples who come into our store, choosing and buying an engagement ring is overwhelming. Conventional advice about learning the language of diamonds and going through glossaries of ring settings can make you feel like you’re getting degrees in geology and design at the same time. Even I could feel the pressure when choosing the ring I would propose to my fiancee with, and I have been helping couples design their rings for over ten years!

Whether you’ve just started shopping for rings or have been in the market for a while, here are a few key thoughts that turn conventional wisdom on its head so you can feel less overwhelmed and have a lot more fun.

Perfect Scores Don’t Equal Perfection

Let’s start at the top and with a concept you’ve definitely have heard about: the 4 Cs or the Language of Diamonds.

  • Cut - The physical shape of the diamond. Round, square, cushion, and princess are all examples of cuts. For grading reports this applies to the quality of the cut.
  • Colour - The colour grade of a diamond, from D (colourless) to Z (the most yellow).
  • Clarity - The natural birthmarks of the diamond, factoring in mineral deposits (inclusions) and surface blemishes
  • Carat - The one that gets the most exposure! This is the physical weight of the diamond.

Diamonds are usually given a grades in each of these categories and that determines the quality and price of the stone. Does that mean that if you pick a perfectly graded diamond, you will have the one diamond to rule them all?

The answer is no, actually. While it’s easy to get caught up in the stats and trying to get the highest grades in all categories, the truth is that each diamond a natural phenomenon with their own nuances. Some perfectly graded diamonds actually have a blue, phosphorescent glow, while some “less perfect” diamonds glitter like the stars. At our store, we encourage you always to see a diamond with your own eyes or a highly magnified 360 video and use the grades as a general guide, rather than hard rules that you must adhere to.

Rolling Custom Is Awesome

Are you or your partner in love with celebrity engagement rings worn by Duchess Kate and KKW? Or maybe you’re a minimalist and prefer your ring to be a simple, timeless affair? Or maybe your partner in crime lives an active lifestyle that would benefit from something that’s more streamlined? No matter what your persuasion, there are thousands of designs to choose from, and it’s important to think about where this ring will be and what you’ll be doing while wearing it.

While most people shy away from a custom ring because they believe it’s expensive, deciding to design your own ring can save you a lot of stress and heartache. Instead of going through pages and pages of possibilities, hoping to find the one design that ticks all the checkboxes, you can cut to the chase and just start with an idea that you already have. A good jeweller will take your ideas and your budget and help you create something that you or your partner will treasure forever.

As specialists in custom ring design, we work with all of our clients to create engagement rings that fit within their budgets. If you’re looking for design inspiration, check out our previous creations below!

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Shopping Online Isn’t Always Like Shopping on Amazon

There are lots of ways to purchase an engagement ring, and now it’s just as popular to get a ring online as it is to get one at a store. There are big reasons for this: online rings tend to be cheaper, allow you to shop whenever you want, and your ring comes right to you when you’re done. While online shopping can be super convenient, it can also be hard to tell exactly what you’re getting from photos and grade sheets.

When people ask me whether to order a ring online or get one in store, I say, “Why do you need to choose?” If you aren’t able to come see us in person, you can set up a video consultation, where you’ll get the same great service wherever you are. You get a tailored experience where we’ll meet to understand your needs, talk about your options, and design a ring online together. Our clients really love how they can get the custom experience at a time and place that fits their schedule, so you can get a ring designed between business meetings or on the weekends in your PJs.

If you’re looking for an engagement ring, why not let us help you? Book your consultation today, and let’s create your special moment together.