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Article: A Guide to Anniversary Metals for Jewelry

A Guide to Anniversary Metals for Jewelry

Originally started in medieval Germany, giving your spouse a specific piece of metal based on the number of years you’ve been together is now a common tradition across the globe. What better way to show your love and devotion to your partner than celebrating your anniversary with a precious metal? Here is an anniversary metals guide to help you find the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

7th Anniversary: Copper

Copper has been used as a jewelry material for centuries. This metal represents prosperity and good fortune, making it the ideal jewelry material to commemorate how far you’ve come in your marriage and give you good luck for many happy years to come. When alloyed with gold, copper turns into rose gold, a beautiful and sophisticated metal that pairs well with most other jewelry pieces.

10th Anniversary: Tin

The traditional gift for a decade anniversary is tin. Tin represents flexibility and durability, so it’s the perfect choice to celebrate your long-lasting marriage. Tin also represents security and protection because it prevents other metals from rusting.

20th Anniversary: Platinum

Platinum is the metal given for a 20th wedding anniversary. Thirty times rarer than gold, platinum is hypoallergenic and doesn’t often fade or tarnish. This metal comes in a variety of jewelry styles, including slim bands and beautiful chains. A pure and breathtaking metal, platinum has the capacity to last a very long time.

50th Anniversary: Gold

An anniversary as special as this one deserves the most precious metal in the industry. Gold represents wealth and good health, making it the perfect metal to celebrate the longstanding love and commitment between you and your partner. Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are all contemporary twists on this classic precious metal. With these stylish and visual accommodating options, you can find the perfect piece of gold jewelry for your partner.

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