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Article: Current Jewelry Trends Shaping the Industry

Current Jewelry Trends Shaping the Industry

After several seasons of ambitious statement trinkets, your favorite celebrities have shown a trend of scaling back for the summer and fall. You will come cross thinner cuffs and rings, layers, and rose gold. The focus seems to be shifting towards smaller sizes, but they are still making big impact. So what are the latest designs in fashion jewelry which are going around the trends?

Rose Gold

Rose gold has been here for some time, but it makes a comeback every now and then. It makes great choice for wedding and engagement rings. The beautiful metal, a mixture of copper and gold is known for its warmth that can accentuate different skin tones. Besides, you will be able to wear it with various styles – whether you are wearing pretty vintage rings or contemporary organic earrings or anything in between.

Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry have long been known to have unique character. The manufacturing processes are more rustic and the result is something more ‘organic.’ Handmade jewelry are usually made in small volumes, which also makes the pieces more unique. You cannot expect the same necklace to be worn by anyone in your peers. Parallel to this trend, there is a growing demand for custom, unique pieces. More and more women, and even men prefer having a piece of jewelry that’s unique to them and is still affordable.

Unconventional Accessories

We can see that there is a growing trend to wear unconventional accessories. Athletic jewelry is one case but asymmetrical pieces are also gaining some popularity. Sports versions of wrist wears and high end gadgets have been seen through the spring and summer trends. An increasing number of designers are offering asymmetrical pieces, especially jewelry for their buyers. You can find the trend across everything – from fine jewelry to more fun pieces. Don't be surprised if you come across pieces which are longer from one side and shorter from other or pieces that have total color mismatches.

Decorative Romance

This is a more romantic and feminine trend that has caught up with those who are bold enough to state their girly side. This trend is all about elaborate decorations of love displayed through intricate designs, crosses, pearls, fancy flowers, and sparkling jewels. Some of the notable features seen this season are rose gold accents, sweet rose-toned gems, and diamond crusts. What is even more interesting is that you can come across matching sets including everything from the earrings to the ring to the necklace.

Splash of Color

It will not be wrong to claim that marsala has been one of the most popular colors of the year. It is known for its warmness and mesmerizing shade. There are many examples of gems that have gained massive popularity in this shade, with pink tourmalines , topaz, spinel, and ruby being in hot demand. These hues have the power to make your jewelry more appealing. Mixing them with hues of greens and blues makes any pieces stand out.


The craze to showcase their personality across their jewelry pieces has caught so much with so many fashion enthusiasts that there is a growing trend to wear monogrammed jewelry. Monogrammed necklaces, earrings and other pieces feature both shaping and etching letters. So if you also want to wear something more personal, this is a recommended trend. You could also gift these pieces to your loved ones. These are some of the most popular jewelry trends which are hot this season. You have seen them through the spring and summer, and they are highly likely to make it through the year.