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Article: Rose Gold – Evergreen Popularity & Always in Trend

Rose Gold – Evergreen Popularity & Always in Trend

Rose Gold – Evergreen Popularity & Always in Trend

Despite different jewelry trends coming and going, rose gold has almost always maintains its popularity. White metal trends may be the big thing at present but there have always been fans of rose gold. You cannot wear pure gold as jewelry pieces because of its extreme softness. But there are 3 main options available to you in the form of rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. Each one has its own merits and is almost equal in terms of beauty.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold, also referred to as pink gold and red gold is an alloy of gold and the reddish-metal, copper. Copper is popular for its bright pink-reddish-orange shade. Rose gold is available in different carats. 18K rose gold has 75 percent pure gold while 14K rose gold contains 58 percent pure gold. The other metals in the alloy include copper and silver or copper alone. The different percentage of copper in the alloy affects the color of rose gold. Pink gold has the smallest percentage of the reddish-pink metal while red gold has highest percentage. When choosing rose gold, keep in mind that there’s nothing as pure rose gold because it is an alloy.

Why Choose Rose Gold?

There are tons of reasons why rose gold is considered a great alloy for your jewelry pieces. It is even more durable than white and yellow gold. At the same time it doesn’t cost as much as the other two alloys of gold. It has a vintage appeal to it, which makes it perfect for creating romantic jewelry items. Rose gold is also unique in that it doesn’t require the common rhodium plating, which would otherwise increase the overall cost. White gold would usually require the plating to protect it against corrosion and physical damages. A good thing about its unique color is that it can match all skin colors. So you can always experiment with this gold even if it’s a surprise gift for your loved one.


The warm color not only flatters all skin types, it can also blend in effectively with different gem colors. You could use rose gold with different gems including diamonds, rubies, topaz, emeralds and others without worrying whether if it will match or not. Rose gold also creates a pretty contrast with other metals. You could mix and match it with platinum, gold, sterling or other precious metals too. It could also blend in perfectly with various fashion trends.

History of Rose Gold

Also referred to as Russian gold, rose gold has a history that goes a long way. It had been in popular trend in jewelry making in Russia as early as the 19th century. Even today, rose gold is an integral part of Russian culture as most of the wedding rings there are made in this alloy. Most Russians give preference to rose gold when it comes to choosing different types of jewelry items. It has even found its place in premium sports watches and men and women’s dresses.

Additional Uses of Rose Gold

Rose gold is widely used for making bracelets and rings. But it has also gained popularity for making earrings, necklaces, and watches. In fact, this precious metal is also used in other industries. For example, it is also used in making premium quality musical instruments like flutes. You can even find rose gold in pens, picture frames, cigarette lighters and other lifestyle accessories. Rose gold is affordable, elegant and durable. There are many reasons why it is so widely accepted and sought after. Even though it may not be as expensive as yellow gold or other white metals, it is still chosen by many for making engagement rings.