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Article: Expo Prestige Montreal & The Seasonal Trends

Expo Prestige Montreal & The Seasonal Trends

The dangly collar necklace, sparkly spheres, and the palm cuff are the biggest trends of the season. You can expect these and many other jewelry trends to be present at the 45th Expo Prestige exhibition to be held in Montreal this month.

The Jewelry Expo

The Expo Prestige is back again. The 3-day grand jewelry exhibition will be held at the Montreal Convention Centre and brings the leading jewelers from all across Canada. The event displays some of the most innovative designs and trends from the season across all the products including different jewelries, gold, silver and other metals, bracelets, diamonds, and related products. The event has entered its 45th year and brings representatives from the industry, and aficionados from across North America and Europe. The expo takes place every year in the heart of the city, surrounded by high-fashion centers, museums, and historical sites. Positioned just before the holiday season, Expo Prestige brings you some of the widest selection of jewelry that is more included towards a European finesse. You can find everything from diamonds to gold jewelry, from semi-precious to precious stones, to exquisite watches and other jewelry accessories.

Jewelry Trends

Through spring and summer, different jewelry trends have shown consistency in terms of their popularity. The most notable ones have been the palm cuff, the sparkly spheres, and the dangly collar necklace. These trends are highly expected to make it to this year’s Expo Prestige too.

Palm Cuff

This year the classic cuff has seen a fascinating improvement, where the weight has gradually moved to the hands. There’s a growing inclination towards a thinner metal band instead of the stockier statement bracelet. People like to wear more complex cuffs and the trend appears to remain here for some time.

Hanging Collar Necklace

There has been a gradual shift from the more classic bib to The traditional bib necklace has made way for necklaces with trimmings, chain, and loop additions. It is probably time the bold necklace change its form.

Glittery Spheres

Magnificent and large pearls have been the inspiration throughout the year. You must have come across larger trinkets, both plain ones and double sided ones. Add to them some sparkle and you have got some bold and glittery spheres.

Fall Trends

It is also expected that many of the trends from the last year will also be making a return. You can expect stacking of rings, earrings and necklaces. Hues of pinks and turquoise are already trending. You can stack necklaces of different length and even add a lariat.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes may be bold, yet they are considered to have minimalist design. Considered to be more contemporary, geometric shapes give a more refined look with smoother textures, metals and stones. Such solid pieces can be worn well with soft knits and give a feel of advanced touch.


Chain is also in hot trend. Highly versatile, it can fit into different fashion styles. Available in different designs including link bracelets and multi-layer chains, they look more glamorous. You may also wear chain jewelry to get a more fierce look. With things heating up as the shopping season approaches, it is recommended to keep things simpler. You want to make a balanced statement. For example, if you are wearing something more vibrant, choose delicate jewelry that balances it. With the Expo Prestige here and the festive season round the corner, you don't need to spend tons in looking great. The season features gorgeous jewelry pieces, both delicate and bold, and are available in almost any budget. The best thing about the seasonal trend is you can look great even in simple outfits.