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Article: Custom Jewellery: What You Should Know About the October Birthstone Opal

Custom Jewellery: What You Should Know About the October Birthstone Opal

Opal, the most common birthstone for October is an interesting and unique stone. Once you read these ten interesting facts about the gemstone, have a Calgary jeweller create a beautiful piece of custom jewellery featuring an opulent opal.

Interesting Facts About Opals From a Calgary Jeweller

1. One of the most unique facts about opals is that they can be double-sided. With a different colour on each side, these rare stones are not only very precious but would make for a breathtaking piece of custom jewellery.

2. Opals are generally white, but extremely rare cases of colour combinations include blue and red.

3. Most of the opals on the earth are found in the land down under. 95% of the stones come from Australia.

4. You’re in luck if your birthday is in October. Opal was considered to be a lucky gemstone in ancient times, and that belief still holds today!

5. It’s a good thing opal is the gemstone for October; the precious stone is famous for keeping away evil spirits.

6. In a general sense, opals form from the rain. The combination of silicon dioxide and water are the main components of the October birthstone.

7. Opals are out of this world! In 2008, NASA found Opals on Mars! When you order an opal ring from a Calgary custom jeweller, ask if the stone is from this planet or another.

8. The word opal comes from the Greek word Opals which means to ‘see a change in colour.’ - perhaps colourful variations were more readily available in ancient Greece.

9. Opals make a beautiful setting for any piece of custom jewellery, but they are a soft and brittle stone so take care of your rings and avoid sudden temperature changes.

10. In order to take special care of your opal jewellery, you can store it in water or with a moist cloth that will keep the stone from drying out and cracking.

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