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Article: Mixed Metals Is A Great Way To Have The Best Of Both Worlds: Rose Gold And White Gold

Mixed Metals Is A Great Way To Have The Best Of Both Worlds: Rose Gold And White Gold

There was a time when yellow gold was the most widely worn gold tone. Both men and women would almost invariably choose yellow gold as the preferred choice for rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and other jewelry pieces. One of the main reasons for this widespread popularity of yellow gold was its easy availability. Then there was the fashion industry influence. But rose gold and white gold have increasingly gained popularity. More and more people love their respective warm and crispy feel. It is interesting that both the tones have their unique feminine and masculine touch. You no longer have to make an exclusive choice with the color of gold. You could always mix and match the different colors to create jewelry that stands out and makes you feel special.

What Makes White Gold Special?

White gold stands out with its color because it has traces of palladium, nickel and manganese in it. The presence of nickel provides it its additional strength, making it more durable for longer-lasting settings. White gold is the ideal choice for you if you cherish the looks of platinum but don't want to spend as much. White gold is more durable compared to yellow gold and you will not have to worry as much about dents and scratches. White gold is lustrous, eye-catching and bright in any design. Usually, it is finished with rhodium, which belongs to the platinum family of metal, to provide additional bright white finish.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper, and is known by a number of names. You can call it pink gold or even red gold. Don't be surprised if someone calls it Russian gold. It was quite popular in the country around the 19th century. It is also quite popular, like white gold, for making rings. It may not be anywhere near yellow gold in terms of popularity, it is being increasingly preferred and almost works as an exotic choice – something that’s also rare to see. Rose gold can work in almost all settings. Vintage-inspired, rose gold wedding and engagement rings are growing in popularity. And what makes this pretty, rosy-colored precious metal even more special is that you can mix and match it with white to create a stunning contrasting effect.

The Mixed Metal Trend

Both rose and white gold, when combined can create a clean and crisp feel. The two-tone design mixes both the gold colors to create an intricate piece of jewelry that has a uniquely contrasting effect. The warm hues of rose gold can be cooled down with the spellbinding whiteness and clarity of white gold. Rings can look stunning in this combination, but even bracelets can be startling. A custom ring or bracelet designed with inputs from your jewelry designer can help create a stunning piece of jewelry, whether it’s a special occasion, for a gift or something precious you had been planning to present yourself for a long time. A few years ago, it was thought of to be daring to mix and match differently-colored precious metals. That’s no longer the case. You could take things further and mix and match even yellow, rose and white gold to create pieces that can leave everyone stunned. You can mix and match not only the precious metals, but also gems to create a look that stands for you or the person who wears the jewelry. A great piece of jewelry with intricate details will require a great designer. So make sure to get help from an experienced and accomplished expert who has worked with mixed metals.