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Article: Perfect Holiday Gift for your Daughter – Custom Jewelry

Perfect Holiday Gift for your Daughter – Custom Jewelry

Perfect Holiday Gift for your Daughter – Custom Jewelry

It is that time of the year when your kids are expecting the best gifts of the year. Gadgets have certainly been the biggest trend more recently, but personalized jewelry can never be forgotten. Mom-daughter relation is one of the most complex yet cherished of all relationships and with the right custom jewelry gift you can make it even more special this Christmas season. So what are the best custom jewelry calgary options you can gift to your daughter this festive season?

Diamond Stud Earrings

Girls look cuter in diamond stud earnings and an elegant pair during this holiday season will certainly leave your darling speechless. When thinking of custom earrings, there are many factors to consider. While the 4Cs and the choice of the precious metal are important, also take your girl’s age as a factor. You don't want something that is too large or too small for her. Cut, color, carat and clarity are the 4Cs that define the main features of the diamond. All these factors are going to affect the price of the daughter jewelry. It is always recommended to select smaller but higher quality stones than something that is large yet low quality. Even if you can’t afford diamonds, there are many budget gemstones to choose from. They can be studded in sterling silver or gold based on what your budget allows.

Daughter’s Jewelry

Custom daughter’s jewelry is the perfect gift to display your motherly love for your child. You can have the pieces engraved with your daughter’s birth date and name. it can also carry her birthstone. Custom diamond rings, necklaces and bracelets are some of the best gifts you can think of. When choosing a jewelry item with birthstones, make sure that all the stones are accurate. Some of the most popular birthstones are as following:

  • Diamond – For those born in April
  • Ruby – For those born in July
  • Sapphire - For those born in September
  • Emerald - For those born in May
  • Pearl - For those born in June
  • Opal – For those born in October

Check the other stones that match with your daughter’s birth date.

Diamond Heart Necklaces

A diamond heart pendant or even a heart shaped diamond rings can be the perfect way to show your love for your daughter. Heart necklaces can ideally be worn to an occasion or be part of her everyday wear. Some of the most tempting heart-cut jewelry is made from cubic zirconia. Other gemstones will also help you save money over diamonds. You can choose yellow, white or rose gold, but if you are on a budget, sterling silver can also last long if taken care of.

Pearl Necklaces

If your daughter is cute, an elegant pearl necklace can make her cuter. It is the perfect jewelry she can wear to an occasion. She would love to flaunt it during the parties and events that dot the entire holiday season. There are quite a few types of pearls and it will be good if you know a little bit about the most popular options. Expect to spend a little extra for the natural pearls. Cultured pearls can look the same and save you a good amount of money. Pearls are also available in a variety of colors. Pink and chocolate are considered the most beautiful and premium ones. If you feel that a pearl necklace is beyond your budget, a pair of pearl earrings can be the perfect pre-Christmas gift for your daughter. While you can choose from any of these jewelry gifts for your daughter, it is up to you to determine the level of creativity and customization.