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Article: Popular Necklaces – Features of the Most Sought After Necklaces

Popular Necklaces – Features of the Most Sought After Necklaces

Necklaces are available in different metals and in elegant designs. Gold may be the most popular metal option but there is a growing trend for white metals as well. White metals are seen as more contemporary and professional. Designer gold necklaces are typically customized for uniqueness. In fact, you could find different necklace designs available in the market. Choker, opera, matinee, princes, and rope are just few of the design options. Here are some of the most popular necklace designs you can wear – whether on your special day or for that special evening. Beads are considered to be the first accessories used for wearing around the neck. Today you can come across beads made from precious gems. They could be engraved, polished or decorated and formed into different types of ornaments. Although they have always been in trend for making necklaces, you can also find the use of beads in other jewelry items. Necklaces have always created a great influence on different trends in the industry. As beads gradually lost their significance over the centuries, chains and other ornaments started gaining popularity. Goldsmiths began linking different works, crafting necklaces from gold and precious gems. Necklace has always featured a level of flexibility unfound in most other jewelry components. But there are some instances where they are seen to be highly inflexible. Most of the designer gold necklaces that you see today are newer inventions. The original necklaces were made of pendants and beads.

Pendant Necklaces

As the name suggests, these necklaces feature pendants of different sizes and types. These pendants could be made of gemstones, beads and other precious items for drawing attention and adding beauty.

Cross Necklaces 

These necklaces feature a cross hanging, which could be used as a sign of class, beauty or religious/spiritual affiliations. They could be made in gold or silver, or even in non metals. Chunky Necklaces – These necklaces are large and heavier. They are your perfect statement necklaces and are ideal for wearing with low cut outfits. This will help accentuate the larger pieces. You could also give them as great gifts to your loved ones.


These necklaces are long and don't feature any clasps. You can wear them around the neck just like scarves while leaving the 2 strands hanging. You could also knot them at the chest or slip across as a loop. It is often referred to as lasso necklace.

Princess Necklaces

Quite popular, these necklaces hang just under the collarbone. You can wear them with almost all kinds of necklines, embellishing your neckline best with a low-cut dress.

Crewneck Necklaces

Also referred to as collar necklaces, these are worn around halfway up the neck. For best results, wear them with boat necks, round necks or with outfits that flaunt your shoulders.

Choker Necklaces

These are also widely popular necklaces that easily fit onto the start of your neck. They are almost similar to the crewneck necklaces, but can be even more flexible. You could wear them with different types of necklines. For best results wear with blouses, low-cut dresses, and all the necklines that could be worn with crewneck.

Long Necklaces

Long necklaces are quite popular among women. In fact they could be as long as touching your waist – or even going further down. They are typically worn with casual outfits an give a more bold look. Long necklaces are available in various materials including precious metals. These are ideally suitable for you if you are short. Long necklaces help give a look of longer silhouette. So consider all these necklaces before you choose the right option for yourself or for your loved ones.