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Article: 4 Tips To Help You Select Your Custom Engagement Ring

4 Tips To Help You Select Your Custom Engagement Ring

Your relationship is unique, and you want a ring that is unique too. If you are shopping for engagement rings and feel like they all look too similar, consider getting a custom ring. These four tips can help you select a custom engagement ring.

Get Inspired by Diamond Rings

Pay attention to the jewellery your partner wears to get a sense of their tastes and preferences. Consider things like colour, size, and style. Begin noticing the rings other people wear or take a look at ones at a Calgary jewellery store. When you see something you like, sketch the part that catches your eye and jot down a few notes about it.

Express Your Creativity with a Custom Engagement Ring

Write down a list of adjectives or a paragraph describing things you love about your partner and how they make you feel to start translating your emotions into a concrete form. Look for images that convey your emotions, like stars, a painting, or a romantic coverlet. Find a designer you can communicate with to help you transform your ideas into beautiful Calgary jewellery.

Think About the Wedding Band

Remember that a custom engagement ring will soon be followed by a wedding band. Design a ring that looks beautiful on its own, but is completed by the wedding band. Or design a ring that stands alone so she can wear it on her right hand once she has the wedding band.

Don’t Rush Custom Calgary Jewellery Custom diamond ring take time to design and make, so start early. Give yourself plenty of time to research rings, find a designer, and finalize the ring’s specs. After that, plan to wait about 6 weeks while the designer creates your beautiful custom ring.

Custom diamond rings sparkle with the uniqueness of your love and personalities. Use these tips to help select your perfect custom ring.

At Marlow Design, we are here to help you design and build the perfect engagement ring for your partner. We want to help you create something as unique and beautiful as your love.

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